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Montana Boxing Academy in Bozeman was built on an Idea that we could provide a fun, safe environment for kids and adults to learn about boxing, get in shape, and have fun. Our boxing gym is dedicated to playing an active role in the community and empowering young and older people alike. Our boxing classes are challenging and fun no matter your fitness goals.


At Montana Boxing Academy, we specialize in training the Bozeman USA Amateur Boxing team. But we also offer beginner programs for folks just getting started and for people who just want to get in shape and challenge themselves. Our coaches will keep you safe while keepingĀ  your heart pumping.



Montana Boxing Academy youth development is focused on showing kids that they can have a positive impact on their community in many different ways. This includes activities such as can food drives and painting over graffiti. The adults love participating in these events just as much as the kids do! Our program is a great way to improve Bozeman and keep it the last best place!